Here are a few statements to help you discover whether the ATC Course is the education for you. If you recognize yourself in 7 or more of these statements, then it might very well be your course. However, remember this is not a real test, but merely an indication!

  • I have an interest in the aviation industry.
  • I have a good spatial orientation.
  • I have a good memory.
  • I am able to think fast.
  • I am able to make quick decisions.
  • I have multi-tasking ability.
  • I am comfortable with numbers.
  • I enjoy working in a team.
  • I am able to work shift (i.e. also during the night, early in the morning, late at night, during official holidays etc.).
  • I am assertive and confident.
  • I am stress resistant and stay calm under pressure.
  • I am able and willing to adapt.
  • I am serviceable.
  • I have an excellent eyesight and hearing, and in general an excellent health.
  • I do not use psychoactive substances which could affect their alertness.